Comprising visual arts and textile research: experimentation meets tradition, creating the TELE CONTEMPORANEE project.

Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and Segre & Schieppati launch initiative involving artists, writers and

illustrators at Lineapelle (February 2017). An explosion of pigments, alchemies and visual stimuli for an encounter between art and craftsmanship.


February sees the journey begin. The TELE CONTEMPORANEE project by Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and Segre & Schieppati launches. The journey will take all of 2017, encompassing art and fashion, taking in Lineapelle events and a dialogue wit creativity.



May brings a residency. Four artists will enter the company, exploring its spaces, getting to know the departments, production cycles, emotions and materials. Different identities for different models: each artist will adopt one example of the shoes and bags proposed, and will be given the blank to work on and investigate. A 48-hour creative process will then begin. Lines, symbols, geometry, sketches, watercolours. Tessitura Imperiali silk and Segre & Schieppati cloth will be used for Marcella Ballarin’s doodles and lettering, Benedetta Bertolini’s collages, Richard Blackstar’s dark romanticism and Marzia Nais’s underground fairy-tales (biographies attached). The visions of these four young artists will take shape and colour on Raso Imperiali 1004 and Canvas Olona 3212 fabrics, the key products from Tessitura Attilio Imperiali and Segre & Schieppati, which have always shared a love of tradition, quality and Made in Italy and which come together now for this joint project. Manual skills and creativity will lead to large format works with strongly contemporary fusions, which will be infused into the blanks, patterns, uppers and eventually the finished prototypes. Cotton and silk will become the perfect vehicle for artistic expression, the ideal stage for a narration of images.



September hosts an exhibition. The Tessitura Attilio Imperiali stand at the next edition of Lineapelle will exhibit all the work produced. The journey each artist has taken will also be on display, in three stages: a large canvas with the original design, the blank on which the art work will be carried out and, finally, the finished prototype. In a continuous dialogue between material and experimentation, research and design, identity and expression. Between fashion and art. The TELE CONTEMPORANEE journey will be described at every stage. A constant conversation will be maintained by engaging with the press, web and social networks. It will be seen, through shots by professional photographers. It will be discovered, thanks to videos taken by a team tasked with shadowing the artists during the residency and documenting the creative melting pot in which they work.


TELE CONTEMPORANEE will travel beyond the sector boundaries of the brand, becoming a booklet - a brief publication using words and images to describe the journey. And this is only the

beginning. A new edition will launch new ideas and a new journey. In exactly one year’s time.

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